Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The End of Silence

saje letak besar2 nak kasi nampak jelas.

"The End of Silence" pv is the best pv among of Gackt's pv haven and I love3 it so much! X3 Why? Because it has 2 people that I like which is Tsukasa from D'espairsRay and another one is the person that I like him like a lady love at her boyfriend. So, of course he is GACKT!!! X3 Actually 3 people but the one is I starting to like him, Ni~ya from Nightmare. By the way, Gacku-chan is looking more and more and more handsome in this pv, and the important is he's going back to himself during his life with Jrock. I said like this because recently Gacku-chan just wear a casual fashion and without eyeliner + eyeshadow unless his accessories. But in this pv, he looks as a Jrocker because of his fashion style. I'm glad it and satisfied! And also You bring him back to Jrock fashion.

Ahaks, saje je nak berBI-BI even dah tau struktur ayat BI adalah teruk yg amat. Tapi kadang-kala kenalah berBI gak an sebab mudahlah nak buat esei ke terutama time MUET nanti.

So, di bawah ni aku nak letak 1 berita mengenai Gacku-chan mengimport 2 org Jrocker ni.

"GACKT will release his new single '雪月花 -The end of silence- / Setsugetsuka -The end of silence-' on December 9th. He invited several good-looking artists from the Neo-Visual-kei scene to appear in the music video.

The guest stars are: Ni~ya (bass) of Nightmare, TSUKASA (drums) of D'espairsRay and Shun (guitar) of Duel Jewel. Also, the guitarist/violinist YOU from 'GACKT Job' appeared as well. 'GACKT Job' is a group of musicians that back up GACKT during tours and recordings.

The following comment was written in the GACKT official website. "GACKT himself touted that the new music video couldn't be better. We need a bit more time before we can show it, but please look forward to witnessing a whole new world from GACKT."

GACKT has always awed his fans by constantly being on the lookout for new endeavors and by expressing his 'flawless' worldview. For the new song, what sort of GACKT world is he readying for the fans? Hopes are already running high."

-petikan diambil drpd JpopAsia website-