Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CloTi!!! Not CloRith!!!!

Well, still in the same theme xD Bukan apa. I just wanna defend CloudxTifa pair instead of CloudxAerith pair. It's not because I love CloTi (despite the fact 'I love CloTi' was right xp), it's because the actual pair which already had been note in FF7. So, this is it :

Who does Cloud Strife love more Aerith Gainsborough or Tifa Lockheart?

The best way to discover which woman Cloud loves more is to play the game. Unfortunately, there will always be misunderstandings, and fans who want one outcome so much that they will twist things so badly in favor of that outcome that the story, and especially the characters, become completely unrecognizable.

Fortunately, there exists something called the FF7 Ultimania (which gets an update/revision when SE feels it's necessary; there's a revision in the works to include things from Advent Children Complete), which plainly explains the events of the story; in the creators' own words. There's also Dismantled, and Reunion Files(they basically exist for the same purpose as the Ultimania).

One woman is described as having projected her still very much alive feelings for one dark haired SOLDIER onto VII's protagonist, it's these feelings that cause her to act the way she does around our hero all through the game (it may sound confusing, but if you've played the game, you should know about Cloud's conflict of multiple personalities, and the fact that the dark haired SOLDIER was a heavy influence of the formation of Cloud's false persona).

There is a prequel title in which this relationship(with the dark haired SOLDIER) is hammered down very securely, even going as far as to tie iconic aspects of her character to this man(flowers, the color of her dress and the ribbon in her hair is a gift from this man that she still wears), and making her interactions with our blonde hero(treasured by C/A fans everywhere), almost carbon copies with the ones she had with Crisis Core's hero; almost because the only thing really missing is, well, the mutual romance.

The Ultimania drives home their relationship many times, with quotes explaining that she and (not like you didn't know, right?) Zack Fair, were in love, destined, irreplaceable to one another.

There is not one single quote that says anything about a love between Cloud and Aerith even existing, much less one that describes it in the way they have with Zack and Aerith.

What is Aerith described as in relation to Cloud? A loving mother, a symbol of his sins(to protect people who matter to him), a fallen comrade ; never once a lover.

Tifa is described as just that (koibito, the Japanese word that has one meaning and that's lover). Square Enix has stated that they revealed their mutual feelings in the Lifestream, acted on those feelings under the Highwind (without words), Cloud asked Tifa to be with him always (Case of Tifa) and said that she is the reason his new start at life will work. She is described as the mother of the family they formed together in Edge, as well as being more than a friend, and an important woman to Cloud. She's also stated to be the only person, period, that Cloud has ever opened his heart to.

See! Not ever and ever CloRith pair!!! It's CloTi!!!

the articles taken from : answers.com

Sunday, May 01, 2011

love [eceh xD]

Woo~ Tajuk jiwang pula kali ni e xD Tapi aku bukannya jiwang tau. Harap sedia maklum.

Ini, kesimpulan yang aku ingin buat setelah membuat research. Masih lagi di bawah tema Final Fantasy but not just focus to VII. This time is general. And what I wanna conclude is about the LOVE THEME.

Ya, seperti yang telah dinyatakan dalam post sebelum ni, yang mana Nojima-san telah menyelitkan cinta 3 segi dalam FF7, yakni antara Cloud, Tifa & Aerith. TAPI, ianya TIDAKlah bersegi sangat & TIDAK menonjol sangat pun. FF8 barulah tema cinta 3 segi yang bersegi & menonjol yang amat ketara. Yakni, antara Squall, Rinoa, & Seifer.

Ok, di sini, aku ingin membuat konklusi antara 4 FF iaitu, FF7, FF8, FF9, & FF10. Antara ke4-4 FF ini, yang PALING meNONJOLkan TEMA CINTA adalah FF8, FF9, & FF10 (paling ketara). Buktinya? Nah, tengok buktinya sendiri :




Dah tengok? See, betul tak apa yang aku katakan itu. Dalam FF7 tiada 1 pun KISSING SCENE. Dalam FF7 juga, tiada hero berpelukkan dengan heroine atau hero menunggu heroine datang pada dia lalu mereka berpelukkan antara satu sama lain. Tapi adalah adegan berpelukkan, ITU PUN berpelukkan berSEBAB - Tifa hulurkan tangan untuk tarik Cloud naik ke atas, akan tetapi batu yang Tifa duduk tu runtuh lalu dia terjatuh lepas tu Cloud cecepat pergi selamatkan & tangkap dia. See, mana ada sesaja nak berpeluk.

Cloud saving Tifa

Antara FF8, FF9, & FF10, FF9 punya couple paling sweet. Cuba tengok video FF9 di atas tu masa part Garnet in wedding dressing datang peluk Zidane. Chey~~~ sweet je tengok Zidane & Garnet masa tu. Tapi couple LagunaxReine + SquallxRinoa pun sweet juga (untuk FF8, FF9, & FF10 saja).
& FF10 ada adegan kissing but BETTER lagi FF8 sebab adegan kissingnya TAK BANYAK macam FF10. FF10 PALING JIWANG! [Eeeeuuu~] FF9 rasanya takde adegan kissing kot.

Apa-apa pun, ini adalah kesimpulan aku. Jadi, pendapat & statement yang dibuat pun sendiri punya memasing-masinglah an. Sorry to say lah for those who are kipas-susah-mati FF10 e m(_ _)m sebab cemuh habis-habisan xD Tapi di sebalik cemuhan tu ada statement yang betul apa, terlampau banyak adegan cinta sehingga menyebabkan ianya kelihatan jiwang. Well, for your info, I don't like 'jiwang2' ni.

Overall, FF7 is still the BEST among others! This is one of the reason why I love FF7 so much besides, its hero (^w^)

Nah, ada edisi khas untuk tatapan buat korang. Sungguh lawak melihat Squall terkedek-kedek tak reti menari pada awalnya lol xDDD